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/Bubble and Squeak: A Scrumptious Boxing Day Brunch

Bubble and Squeak: A Scrumptious Boxing Day Brunch

Bubble and Squeak: A Scrumptious Boxing Day Brunch


Bubble and Squeak, the quintessential British leftover dish, bringing joy to your Boxing Day brunch. Learn how to perfect this holiday favourite.

For those of us in the UK, the Boxing Day brunch has become a beloved tradition, offering a chance to come together in the kitchen once more, after all the festive festivities. And the star of this show often tends to be the quintessential British dish – Bubble and Squeak.

What is Bubble and Squeak?

Bubble and Squeak, so-called for the delightful sounds it makes whilst on the hob, is a dish crafted from leftover vegetables from the Christmas feast. From crunchy roast potatoes and cabbage to carrots and Brussels sprouts; these are mashed together and pan-fried to perfection. This reheating process miraculously transforms what was once overlooked leftovers into a substantial lunch. 

Making the Perfect Bubble and Squeak

Precise ingredients for Bubble and Squeak may vary depending on the remnants of your Christmas spread. However, the central elements generally include potatoes, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. However, in a pinch, feel free to experiment with whatever you have on hand.

The true mastery of Bubble and Squeak relies on the pan-frying technique. By achieving a crispy exterior while keeping the interior soft and delicious, you can ensure your Bubble and Squeak is a show-stopper. Try this Traditional Bubble and Squeak Recipe. 

Served with a traditional English brown sauce, and some leftover cold meats. Bubble and Squeak turns your Boxing Day brunch into a hearty and wholesome affair. 

The humble Bubble and Squeak is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. A fortuitous combination of leftovers; the dish stands on its own as a symbol of innovation, resourcefulness, and the comforting joy of home-cooked meals. This Boxing Day, give it the recognition it deserves.

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