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/Delicious Drinks for Dry January: Beverages to Banish those Seasonal Blues

Delicious Drinks for Dry January: Beverages to Banish those Seasonal Blues

Delicious Drinks for Dry January: Beverages to Banish those Seasonal Blues


The Dry January doesn't have to be boring. Spice up this sober month with an assortment of delicious, non-alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy at home.

Every January, millions commit to one month without alcohol, welcoming in the New Year with a refreshing approach to their usual drinking habits. This period, aptly named 'Dry January', could often be associated with monotony in terms of drinks. However, we are here to change that perception by introducing some tantalising, non-alcoholic, delicious drink options for this month-long sober drill.

Starting with Swaps

Most people often turn to juices or fizzy drinks as an alternative when partaking in Dry January, but there are plenty of non-alcoholic versions of your favourite cocktails available. Non-alcoholic beers and wines have also made a significant wave in the beverage market lately.

Try swapping your regular glass of Red with a non-alcoholic red wine, or if you're a beer lover, you can easily find an alcohol-free version of your favourite brew.

Delicious DIY Creations

Dry January should not stop you from enjoying a bit of bartending at home. Mixing simple drinks at home is a fun way to indulge, without letting the spirit of the month down. A personal favourite is the apple & ginger sparkler. It's straightforward to make, plus the zing of ginger and refreshing green apple counteracts any longing for alcohol.

This DIY drink involves blending some apple juice, ginger juice, and honey, topping it with sparkling water, and your delightful and easy concoction is ready. You could also try this delicious mint & watermelon mojito mocktail A refreshing and zesty non-alcoholic take on the classic Mojito featuring fresh mint and juicy watermelon, a light and easy cocktail alternative. If you are looking for something with more health benefits this classic homemade kombucha recipe could be just the thing. Taking a little more patience to brew this delight is worth the wait, a simple, flavourful, recipe for making your own kombucha right at home. Great for digestion and overall gut health. For a combination of health and cocktail decadence why not give this green juice mocktail recipe a try? A zesty and refreshing non-alcoholic beverage packed with flavour and nutrients.

Whether you've taken up the Dry January challenge for health reasons or as part of a New Year's resolution, don't endure a month of tasteless beverages. With these tips, Dry January will be a delightful experience of experimenting with a new range of delicious drinks. Take a look through more of our non-alcoholic drink recipes and who knows, you might discover a new favourite!

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