/Crunchy Nutty Brownies Recipe
Crunchy Nutty Brownies recipe

Crunchy Nutty Brownies Recipe

These delightful brownies are packed full of crunchy nuts and deliciously rich chocolate. They are perfect for a treat, and easy to make!





  • Step 1.

    Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease a 20 cm square baking tin.
  • Step 2.

    Chop up the chocolate and put in a heatproof bowl. Add butter and melt over a pan of simmering water, then stir until smooth. Remove the bowl from the pan and let cool.
  • Step 3.

    Whisk eggs in a separate bowl. Once whisked, add sugar, vanilla extract and salt. Stir well.
  • Step 4.

    Sift in cocoa powder, flour and baking powder into the mixture. Stir well.
  • Step 5.

    Fold in the melted chocolate mixture and chopped nuts before transferring to the baking tin.
  • Step 6.

    Bake for 20-25 mins, until top is firm to touch but middle is still a bit soft.
  • Step 7.

    Let the brownies cool in the tin before cutting into squares. Serve and enjoy!


  1. 200 gPlain chocolate

  2. 250 gUnsalted butter

  3. 4 Eggs

  4. 300 gCaster sugar

  5. 2 tspVanilla extract

  6. 1 Pinch of salt

  7. 60 gCocoa powder

  8. 180 gSelf-raising flour

  9. 2 tspBaking powder

  10. 100 gMixed chopped nuts

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