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/A Journey Through Time: The Beguiling Origin of Stews and Their Comforting Recipes for Winter

A Journey Through Time: The Beguiling Origin of Stews and Their Comforting Recipes for Winter

A Journey Through Time: The Beguiling Origin of Stews and Their Comforting Recipes for Winter


Food History


Explore the intriguing history of stews and soups, their role in cultural culinary practices, and how they've adapted over centuries. Also, discover some hearty stew and soup recipes perfect for those cold winter nights.

Unravelling the History of Soups & Stews

Can we even imagine winter without conjuring up the warm allure of a hearty soup or stew? Likely not. The allure of these long-simmered dishes lies in their inception, rooted deep in history, crossing cultures and timelines alike. The concoction of stews is said to have started around the 7th century BC. Stews, at their core, are a testament to mankind's inherent survival instinct - a delicious blend of available scraps and leftovers, simmered to perfection - an attestation to the culinary evolution of our ancestors.

An Ode to Our Ancestor’s Culinary Skills

To produce the heart-warming broth, required knowledge about the resources around, a cultivation of taste, and an appreciation for cooking techniques like slow-cooking and simmering. This warming pot of goodness not only fed the population but also acted as a common thread linking diverse cultures together. From England's Traditional Beef Stew, France's Coq au Vin, Hungry’s Goulash, and Spain's Kaldereta, to East Asia's Hot Pot culture - we observe the universal acceptance and modification of these hearty liquid meals across many cultures and cuisines. These shared culinary practices reflect how food and cooking techniques traverse borders, shaping ourselves and our societies.

Intriguing and Nourishing Recipes for those Chilly Days

These simmering pots of flavours not only add warmth to winter nights but also bring together family and friends. Here are some cosy recipes you might love: Spicy Fish Stew Recipe or Fish

Hearty Beef and Vegetable Stew

A testament to age-old English comfort food, this Classic Beef Stew With Carrots and Potatoes Recipe with the richness of slow-cooked meat and the earthiness of root vegetables makes for a perfect fireside partner. For a meatless version try this Hearty Winter Vegetable Stew Recipe.

Creamy Asparagus Soup

A delightful Creamy Asparagus Soup Recipe tangled with fragrant dill, chives, and a hint of zesty lemon. Makes for the perfect comforting meal.

Bacon & Butternut Squash Soup

This hearty Bacon and butternut Squash Soup Recipe is the perfect comfort food for chilly days. Packed with flavoursome bacon and sweet, tender butternut squash, it's a delicious and warming dish that's easy to prepare.

The magic of stews and soups is undying. Their delicious charm, rooted in the history and evolution of cooking, continues to bring warmth, comfort, and unity to tables worldwide, especially on cold winter nights.

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