/Refreshing Pineapple Sorbet Recipe
Refreshing Pineapple Sorbet recipe

Refreshing Pineapple Sorbet Recipe

A simple, tropical delight that refreshes you at any time of the day, with the lush sweetness of pineapple and a hint of mint to elevate the flavours.





  • Step 1.

    In a blender, combine the pineapple chunks, lemon juice, sugar, and water. Blend until the mixture is smooth.
  • Step 2.

    Taste the mixture and adjust sweetness if necessary, by adding a bit more sugar if it's too tart for your liking.
  • Step 3.

    Pour the mixture into a shallow baking dish and freeze for about 2 hours, or until it starts to solidify around the edges.
  • Step 4.

    Scrape the semi-frozen mixture with a fork to break up the ice crystals, then freeze for another 2 hours.
  • Step 5.

    Repeat the scraping process every hour, for 4-6 hours, or until the sorbet is fully frozen and has a fluffy texture.
  • Step 6.

    Serve in chilled bowls, garnished with fresh mint leaves for an extra pop of flavour.


  1. 500 gPineapple chunks

  2. 2 tbspLemon juice

  3. 100 gGranulated sugar

  4. 120 mlWater

  5. 4 Fresh mint leaves

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